从总统到阶下囚,不过是一周之间——From prison to power in a week 经济学人翻译

The president resigns as a convicted kidnapper takes charge


On the fence of the building housing Kyrgyzstan’s parliament and the office of the president, which protesters stormed last week, hangs a disconsolate handwritten sign: “In autumn, leaves should fall, not the country.” Many locals fear that Kyrgyzstan is on the brink of chaos, after Sooronbay Jeyenbekov, the president, tendered his resignation on October 15th. He was on the defensive after protests had erupted over a parliamentary election marred by systematic vote-buying. He had the election annulled and accepted the resignation of the prime minister, but had intended to stay on himself until the country was “back on the path of lawfulness”. His change of heart suggests he sees little hope of that now. Instead, he simply said he was hoping to avoid bloodshed by going.

在上周被抗议者袭击的吉尔吉斯坦国会和总统办公室所在的建筑围墙上,挂着一副忧伤的手写标语:”秋天,凋落的是树叶,而不是这个国家。“在10月15日,总统Sooronbay Jeyenbekov 提请辞职后, 许多本地人担心,吉尔吉斯坦正处于崩溃的边缘。在国会选举被有计划的贿选引发抗议后,他处于防守状态。他宣布选举无效,并且已经接受了总理的辞职,但是他自己打算留任,直到国家”回到合法的道路上“。他改变注意,说明他现认为希望不大。相反,他只是说希望避免流血冲突。

The government has been left in the hands of Sadyr Japarov, the new prime minister, who was sprung from prison by his supporters during the post-election unrest, cutting short an 11-year sentence for kidnapping. Attacks on rivals by his thuggish followers have raised fears of mob rule. By law, the parliamentary speaker acts as president until new elections can be held. But if Kanat Isayev, who is loyal to Mr Jeyenbekov, were also to step aside, as Mr Japarov’s supporters have been demanding, the prime minister would become the acting president.

政府目前已经在新总理 Sadyr Japarov 的手中。在选举后的动乱中,Japarov 被他的支持者将其从监狱中解救出来,并缩减了因绑架而被判的11年徒刑。他暴力的追随者对对手的攻击引发了人们对暴民统治的害怕。根据法律,直到新的选举举行之前,由议会会长担任临时总统。但是如果像Japarov 的支持者要求的那样,忠于Jeyenbekov 的 Kanat Isayev 也下台的话,总理将会成为代理总统。

Mr Japarov, an ex-mp, brushes off accusations that he has criminal connections as a bid to “blacken” his name. But Omurbek Suvanaliyev, a security official ousted during the drama, warns that “the underworld has the upper hand over politicians”. The American government has issued a statement saying it is important to “fight against the influence of organised crime and corruption in politics”.

Japarov 是前国会议员,他对与犯罪分子有联系的指控不予理睬,称这是为了抹黑自己的名声。但是在这场闹剧中被驱逐的安全官员 Omurbek Suvanaliyev 警告说,”黑社会在政客面前占了上风“。美国政府发布了一份声明,称”打击有组织犯罪和政治腐败的影响“非常重要。

On October 9th Mr Japarov’s supporters attacked a rally in support of liberal politicians. Tilek Toktogaziyev, an entrepreneur who was also vying for the job of prime minister, was knocked unconscious. An unknown gunman took a pot-shot at Almazbek Atambayev, an ex-president also sprung from jail by supporters during the unrest. Mr Japarov asserts that Mr Atambayev—who is back in prison, where he is serving a sentence on corruption charges that he claims were politically motivated— staged the attack himself. Getting the hint, mps from the outgoing parliament chose Mr Japarov as prime minister, although some complained of intimidation. As for his conviction, the Supreme Court has, with lightning speed, ordered a review.

10月9日,Japarov 的支持者袭击了一个由自由主义政客支持的聚会。同在竞争总理一职的企业家 Tilek Toktogaziyev 被袭击,不省人事。一名不明身份的枪手向前总统 Almazbek Atambayev 开枪了,他也是在动乱中被支持者从监狱中救出。Japarov 称,是 Atambayev 策划了这场袭击。Atambayev 正在监狱服刑,他声称自己的腐败指控是出于政治目的。得到暗示后,即将离任的议会议员们,选择了Japarov 作为总理,尽管有些人抱怨受到了恐吓。至于对他的定罪,最高法院已经以闪电般的速度下令重新审查。

The prime minister’s supporters continue to flex their muscles with noisy rallies in Bishkek, the capital. The unenviable fates of Kyrgyzstan’s ex-presidents—one in jail; two, toppled by popular protests, in exile—must be on Mr Jeyenbekov’s mind. Those who protested in favour of cleaner elections, meanwhile, must be wondering how their complaints led to this.

总理的支持者们,继续在首都 Bishkek 举行喧闹的聚会来展示他们的力量。吉尔吉斯坦前总统的悲惨命运——1、身陷囹圄;2、在流亡中被抗议的群众推翻,这一定是Jeyenbekov 的想法。与此同时,那些抗拒支持更清廉选举的人一定在想,他们的抱怨是如何导致这一结果的。


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